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For all of us who grew up on disney movies, who watched our vhs tape all the way through just to rewind it and watch it again, a celebration of the greatest end credit songs in our favorite movies.

Nym I would focus on the college AU first

that one is going along well don’t worry

more or less….

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What?! It won an Oscar! they’re worried about the ‘glory’ being taken away?!? I can’t…Also you need to be in bed, nym.

because they’re selfish and want frozen to turn into the next Snow White or something, lol

ALL THE AWARDS for something that doesn’t really deserve it at the end of the day

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also i wanna write a fic in which i have an OC who goes around killing disney characters because she feels like they’ve stolen everything from her and so she makes her revenge

you gotta love snooty frozen fans who declare that Big Hero 6 “looks like shit” and that they hope it fails so it doesn’t steal frozen’s glory

  • they hope it fails so it doesn’t steal frozen’s “glory”

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prince john in the disney robin hood gives me joffrey deja-vu feelings

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Game of Thrones costuming details.